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Enameled Winding Wires

Enameled Winding Wires

Kelani enamelled wire products are manufactured to IEC 60317 standard with world famous enamel solutions. Two types are manufactured, single coat and dual coat. Single coat Keltherm wire is 180℃ rated and dual coat Keldual & Kelduale is 200℃ rated. Kelani enamelled wire products are proud to have the UL (Underwriters Laboratory) certification & recognition since 2004. Kelani Enamelled winding wires have high flexibility, high abrasion resistance and high dielectric strength. These are the important features of the enamelled winding wires, which in turn govern the quality and the service life of the electric equipment. Only the highest grade copper and enamel solutions are used to ensure optimum purity along with cutting edge equipment from MAG in Austria Kelani Cables is the pioneer and only manufacturer of enamelled winding wire in Sri Lanka. Product range is 0.125mm to 2.24mm.

Keltherm – class H 180

Kelduale – class H 200

Keldual – class H 200