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Our Cooperate Social Responsibilities

Kelani Saviya

Kelani Shakthi

CSR Vision

Uplift the knowledge of electricians in domestic & industrial segments in the construction industry by providing professional knowledge with latest technology

CSR Objectives

  • Designing a career path to become a professional electrician with a world recognize certificate from the National Universities of Sri Lanka.
  • Promote private – public partnership to give maximum benefit to the youth of the country
  • Knowledge sharing experience with the academics and the industry
  • CSR Mission

    Strength the capabilities and skills with right knowledge and attitude of the self-employed electricians and those who are engaged in the field of electrical wiring and insulation

    CSR Purpose

    Educate brand stake holders on systematic wire installation to secure People & Property

    CSR Recipients Benifiserries

  • Electricians
  • People Property & loved ones

  • Kealni Saviya & Kelani Shakthi The Brand & CSR intent

    As a world class Power and Telecommunication Cable manufacturing company in Sri Lanka, Kelani Cables Plc never ever compromise the quality of the product since they believe safety of the people and the property as their own responsibility. However, Kelani Cables have concerns over the issues of lives and property disasters due to poor cable installations and lack of technical knowhow of local electricians. According to our research and surveys we have identified the root cause of the problem.

    As a Beyond CSR Project, Kelani Saviya Kelani shakthi empowering self-employed electricians in Sri Lanka

    Most of the self-employed electricians are totally unaware of the theoretical background of the domestic and industrial wiring installation and also the application process. They pick up the knowledge by looking at someone who is an experienced electrician or work with him for a considerable period of time as a helper. This was their common learning process to become an electrician. We understand that, these self-employed electricians know the science and the art of installation of power and telecommunication cables either domestic or industrial purpose to give electricity supply to buildings, machines, equipment’s etc., or any other electrical applications, up to some extent to satisfy their clients. However, the bitter truth behind the story is none of these electricians have the idea as to why it happens or how power is transmitted from one end to the other end or the mechanism of the power installation process. As a practice they simply do their profession from one generation to the other. In a Brainstorming secession our management team has unanimously decided to have a strong collaborative link with the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department of the Faculty Of Engineering , University of Peradeniya in 2007. Accordingly we signed a MOU with them and launched Unique Kelani Saviya CSR program in 19 th of January 2007 at the University of Peradeniya. The entire course was designed by Professor in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Prof. Janaka Ekanayake. The course consists of Nine Modules including theory and practical secessions. An examination will be conducted after the three modules. The students who successfully complete their level 1 exam are eligible to follow the Level 2. Those who qualify to follow the level 2 and level 3 exams will be awarded with an internationally recognized certificate from the University of Peradeniya. Since 2007, up to date the Kelani Saviya CSR is continuing with its 11 th Batch.

    Kelani Shakthi

    Going beyond the expectations of the project, in 2014 we introduced “Kelani Saviya” CSR initiative Tamil Version to the University of Jaffna, named as as “Kelani Shakthi” as the very first collaboration to enhance the non-formal education with the UOJ and the Kelani Cables plc. In Sri Lanka as Private Public Partnership. The above CSR is recommended by lessons learnt & reconciliation commission (LLRC) and said “Kelani shakthi program is perfectly in harmony with the parameters of these collaborative ventures suggested by the LLRC report”. The Kelani Shakthi continues with 138 students now being the 6th batch.