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To become the nation’s leading electrical solutions provider.




  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Family
  • Learning
  • 尊重
  • 正直
  • 质量
  • 家庭
  • 学习



Deliver optimum value to our stakeholders through product development, advanced technology, improved productivity, while creating an open culture within the organization to harness creativity and innovation to be competitive.


Kelani Cables PLC


Kelani Cables PLC , the name synonymous today with quality cabling is a company that is built on the core values of Respect, Integrity, Quality, Family and Learning. Founded in 1969 during the controlled-economy era, Kelani Cables initially started as an import-substitute manufacturer, importing components such as drawn wire. Gradually the company started manufacturing it at its factory, making KCL the pioneer in Sri Lanka’s wire drawing industry. As a 100 percent Sri Lankan company KCL has been serving the nation for over 50 years manufacturing electrical and communication cables.

In 1973 KCL was incorporated as a public quoted limited liability Company for the manufacture of low voltage power cable, telecommunication cables and enamelled winding wires in Sri Lanka. Initially a subsidiary of Pacific Dunlop Cables group of Australia until 1996, Kelani Cables thereafter became a fully owned Sri Lankan company. It has since then continued on an upward trajectory being recognised today as a fast developing manufacturing company in Sri Lanka. Since 1999, the ACL Cables group of Companies has held the majority shares of Kelani Cables.

At Kelani Cables we are passionate about our industry, and this is reflected in the accolades and awards we have accumulated over the years in the field. As an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company we have achieved the Brand Excellence B2B gold award conducted by SLIM and have been recognised time to time again for our professional supremacy.

Among a host of achievements we take great pride in being one of the first companies in Sri Lanka that is signatory to the National Green Reporting System. Kelani Cables PLC is certified globally recognized under the ‘Responsible Care’ Charter, owing to its health and safety oriented culture and environmental stewardship.

Kelani Cables PLC 是当今优质布线的代名词,是一家建立在尊重、诚信、质量、家庭和学习的核心价值观之上的公司。 Kelani Cables 成立于受控经济时代的 1969 年,最初是一家进口替代制造商,进口拉丝等零部件。公司逐渐开始在其工厂生产,使 KCL 成为斯里兰卡拉丝行业的先驱。作为一家 100% 的斯里兰卡公司,KCL 为该国服务了 50 多年,生产电气和通信电缆。

1973 年,KCL 作为一家上市有限责任公司注册成立,在斯里兰卡生产电力电缆、电信电缆和漆包绕组线。 Kelani Cables 最初是澳大利亚太平洋邓禄普电缆集团的子公司,直到 1996 年,此后成为一家全资斯里兰卡公司。从那时起,它一直处于上升轨道,今天被公认为斯里兰卡快速发展的制造公司。自 1999 年以来,ACL Cables 集团公司一直持有 Kelani Cables 的多数股权。

在 Kelani Cables,我们对我们的行业充满热情,这反映在我们多年来在该领域积累的荣誉和奖项中。作为一家通过 ISO 9001 和 ISO 14001 认证的公司,我们获得了由 SLIM 举办的品牌卓越 B2B 金奖,并因我们的专业至上而一次又一次地得到认可。

在众多成就中,我们为成为斯里兰卡首批签署国家绿色报告系统的公司之一而感到自豪。由于其以健康和安全为导向的文化和环境管理,Kelani Cables PLC 在“责任关怀”宪章下获得全球认可。

Kelani Cables Ethics

The Kelani Cables team embraces the Japanese 5S concepts, as well as the Kaizen and quality circles to always deliver the best products and services to our customers. Our products are manufactured to comply with Sri Lankan Standards (SLS), British Standards (BS), International Electro Technical Commission (IEC) Standards, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Standards and Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS). We offer a wide range of SLS verified items.

Adopting these concepts has helped elevate the leadership of the CEO and management which reflects in the productivity, quality, cost and efficient delivery of products, as well as in the safety and morale of the employees.


Kelani Cables Legacy

During KCL over 50 years of operations, we have achieved a significant number of awards and accolades. This is not only a testament to our enduring pursuit of quality and perfection, but it also acts as encouragement for us to keep delivering above and beyond the expected. We are driven by innovations that keep us relevant with all current generation requirements and demands. We expand our product range through our Research and Development team as they develop products that can be customized for each individual customer in order to ensure a truly positive customer experience.

凯拉尼电缆 道德规范

Kelani Cables 团队秉承日本 5S 理念,以及 Kaizen 和质量圈,始终为我们的客户提供最好的产品和服务。我们的产品制造符合斯里兰卡标准 (SLS)、英国标准 (BS)、国际电工委员会 (IEC) 标准、美国保险商实验室 (UL) 标准和日本工业标准 (JIS)。我们提供范围广泛的 SLS 验证商品。

采用这些概念有助于提升 CEO 和管理层的领导力,这反映在产品的生产力、质量、成本和高效交付,以及员工的安全和士气上。

KCL 传统

在 KCL 50 多年的运营中,我们获得了大量的奖项和荣誉。这不仅证明了我们对质量和完美的不懈追求,而且也鼓励我们不断超越预期。我们受到创新的驱动,这些创新使我们与当前的所有需求和需求保持相关。我们通过我们的研发团队扩展我们的产品范围,因为他们开发可以为每个客户定制的产品,以确保真正积极的客户体验。